Product & Brand Design Services

Rickie Sherman

Los Angeles, California

I’m a product designer for B2B & B2C apps

I have experience in health tech, fintech, entertainment, esports, & social media.

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2020 - 2022


2020 - 2022


2020 - 2022


As a talented web designer, Rickie did a great job helping us keep up with our design workload and meet our deadlines.

Rickie was easy to work with and quick to incorporate feedback into our iterative design process. Rickie was able to quickly adopt our design style and apply it to a variety of formats (web, digital, print, etc).
Ken Olofsen
President @ Runnable
Rickie was a strong contributor to our design team.

As a team member, he was versatile, responsible, and was always open to feedback.
Tony Li
Designer @ Runnable
Rickie is a unique talent with unparalleled skills, passion, efficiency, and creative instincts.
Not only does he always come to the table with new and fresh ideas, but he's also a great collaborator who's able to make whatever is brought to him better. He is truly a joy to work with.
Megan DeGruttola
Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Stackla
One of the most unique and talented designers I've been able to learn from.

Rickie knows how to keep things organized, well thought out and pixel perfect. Strongly recommended.
Adrian Kenny
Rickie is in tune w/ trends and brings a creative mind to any project.

Thanks again Rickie!
Erick Bzovi
Co-Founder/CEO @ HealPay
Rickie has the rare talent of being able to produce creative UI design for mobile apps on limited scope.

Often given minimal time and minimal direction, I found Rickie a pleasure to work with and he would be an asset to any company producing designs of the highest quality.
Guy Horrocks