I designed a a platform agnostic inventory experience for resellers.


I helped the core team update Scout in Summer 2020. Our team included 1 project manager, 2 engineers, and myself.

During our 2-week sprints, I worked with stakeholders to provide solutions from wireframe to prototype. During the development stage, I worked closely with engineers to plan next steps as needed. While designing, I focused on the transition between desktop and mobile. I updated the design system with dynamic grids to account for new screen types and densities.

After making our system more versatile, cutting through notifications and cleaning up every reseller's inbox became the priority. Because a majority of our users are mobile phone users, we needed a way to keep users engaged without requiring them to be at their desk.

I worked with the development team to create Email Hub, an email aggregator for resellers.


Create an elegant inventory tool with a solid visual identity.


Automate the act of reselling items online.


Checking inventory is a large undertaking. Selling items can require multiple pieces of software. I felt an immediate need for parity between Scout's desktop and mobile experiences to make the first steps to building up inventory easier to approach. As we developed the idea, we focused on keeping it pleasurable by integrating effective ways to mitigate notifications.

Key Updates


We ensured that Scout is integrated with multiple websites and it's dashboard is constantly updating to surface new data.

When that status is updated, it is also parsed and sent to your Scout-specific email address.

A version of our design language focused on conveying a sleek attitude with energetic colors and big previews.

Customers require easy ways to stay informed when they are not at the computer. Scout needed a way to keep everyone informed, but not annoyed with frequent changes.

The notions we came up with formed into Email Hub.