In 2013, I played a pivotal role in Runnable's acquisition journey, contributing to both early product development and a comprehensive design system overhaul.

First, I designed the initial "alpha" version of Runnable (at Collective Ray), laying the foundation for the product's success.

Later on, I modernized the Runnable experience using Ruby on Rails and React, enhancing technological capabilities. I worked with Ken Olofsen, Yash Kumar, and Tony Li to improve Runnable's containerizing technology.


Runnable's container technology is impressive, but we found that it was difficult for some users to completely understand what Runnable can help them do. How do we explain what we do and make a great first impression?


Develop an easy & sleek way to containerize apps.


The project started with a focus on brand. Adjusting the visual style to have more personality, then further educating the user was the main goal. After releasing some of the features with the new style update, we learned that there were some upcoming opportunities to be acquired. To support the momentum we found, I teamed up with Tony Li to create a efficient, fun, and easy to scale set of guidelines for the team.

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