I helped Runnable blaze the path to acquisition.


I worked with Runnable from multiple positions. First, as an agency designer at Collective Ray creating an alpha product for the owners of the product. Then, as an internal designer rebuilding the marketing and design system from the ground up.

When working with Runnable, I chose to take visual cues from pre-existing assets and bring the best out of them. This approach preserved what is great about Runnable and created opportunity for many new ideas. Replacing each asset with a constructive systems-based mindset allowed the team to maintain trust, gain users, hunting for acquisition with confidence. To maintain confidence levels, we made small updates to sections to reflect any recent changes.


Enable every developer to catch bugs earlier.


Develop an easy & sleek way to containerize applications.


Runnable's experience is deep, but can be confusing. We found that it was difficult to understand what Runnable can be used for, so we prioritized a new structure for onboarding and documentation.

Key Updates


We created many illustrations to add flavor to our documentation. The simple style we chose is fun, and easy to scale.

When creating the documentation for the website, we experimented with different ideas and layout styles.

We landed with something that was technical, but also incorporated a sense of playfulness.

Runnabro is the charming mascot for Runnable.

They represent the user & company at the same time. We had a great time coming up with costumes to put them in!