Locker Room

I worked closely with the team at Locker Room to create a sports fan's paradise.


For 2 weeks, I assisted Howard Akumiah and Travis Kane from Betty Labs with the Locker Room concept. Our #1 priority was supporting community and the creation of groups through the onboarding process.

Locker Room is an experience where Sports Fans gather to discuss & celebrate their interests. When building the product, our primary goal was to help users fully express their love for the sports industry in a central space.


Create an expressive community network for sports fans.


Greatly enhance an already pleasurable experience with discovery as a focus.


It is important for fans to be able to gather in a central space. Locker Room is a spin on broadcasting and interest sharing, giving people a place to express themselves live.

Key Updates


Connecting to your favorite casters, athletes, and other industry personalities should be effortless from the start.

Locker Room promotes simplicity in pursuit of fostering a creative environment.

Discovering and creating taste is one of the most important aspects of Locker Room.

Signing up automatically leads the user to whatever sports discussions they desire.

Copy was rewritten to be more direct and friendly, giving the user peace of mind when navigating onboarding.