I worked on brand strategy, design, and development with the team at Banter.


From July 2021 to August 2022, I helped the Banter team launch their iOS application. During conceptualization, we created a MVP desktop application to explore the base concept.

At first, Banter only sent videos back and forth between members. It helped people synchronize but lacked features related to sharing on your own time, in your own way.

Our next attempts prioritized asynchronicity and reaching outside of your Banter network. With the new build, users can choose to message anyone via text & audio with a similar level of convenience.


Create a messaging tool that is more authentic than texting.


Make it easier for people to communicate on the go.


Typing or taking a call feels awkward when you're busy. Banter uses video transcription to propose a more flexible way of communicating with everyone.

Key Updates


Banter gives you multiple ways to chat and encourages sharing freely.

Though we prioritized transcribed video messages, traditional methods of socializing remain intact.

You don't have to speak with others to use Banter. It can also be used to organize and record your thoughts.

We optimized for space and legibility so that Banter is usable with phones of many shapes and sizes. I prefer to design for the smallest screen size possible, then scale up when necessary.