I conducted an essential launch for Zonzon's product & brand.


In 2019, I led the design behind Zonzon's iOS application. My focus was constructing an experience that helps people connect with members of their community.

During my first months at Zonzon, we experienced the beginning of Covid-19. The changes that we made to our lives required an immediate adjustment.

We used a combination of Photoshop and Figma to test the waters with interactable prototypes.


Create an experience that supports the lifestyle of the individual and the people around them.


Connect HOA members and managers under one convenient application


Due to busy lifestyles, meeting people within your community can be difficult. Zonzon improves the connection between community members by containing the HOA experience and encouraging support.

Key Updates


After connecting people through their communities, we developed a new set of tools for vendors and managers to directly communicate and support Zonzon members.

From concept to production, I iterated and tested until I was confident in what we were shipping. This meant trying a ton of different ideas and styles until the appropriate one was found.

The main feature of Zonzon is being able to contact anyone in your community. Keeping search in the front of the experience makes it that much easier to stay in touch.